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White Label

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FowFx Pro provides White Label solutions which are suitable for financial institutions approved to keep customer funds and are governed under their control. We will offer you the industry's most leading trading platform, which is fully supported by FowFx Pro. You can sell it to your customers under your own name. You can take full advantage of the high liquidity available to FowFx Pro and enjoy subscribing to our digital solutions which will be tailored to meet the demands of your customers and others.

Benefits for our white label partners:

Committed partner and customer service

We offer 24/5 sales, customer service, and technical support. Our team also provides you with full training and comprehensive strategic tips to help you expand your company.

Display and control your company

Our partner platforms help you monitor the accounts and details of your customers, track their transactions, and download reports on demand, giving you complete transparency.

Go on the market in days

Our approach does not require extensive input from your IT department. We can get your business off the ground quickly, usually within 4-6 weeks.

Quick customer on board

We have fully automatic live and demo trading account platform available for customers, via our user friendly and optimised trading platform.

Partner with a trusted service provider

FowFx Pro is mentioned in the NYSE and is operated in seven jurisdictions. We are working to achieve the highest quality of governance and transparency

Interested in becoming a white label partner?

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