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Regional Representative

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FowFx Pro welcomes requests for assistance from individuals or corporations wishing to be an FowFx Pro Regional Representative. As a provincial delegate, you can work with us to promote new businesses in your local area while receiving fair pay and encouragement from the Head Office to advance your career. The potential FowFx Pro Regional Representative usually begins as an Introductory Broker at first. Once they have referred around 50 to 100 clients, an agreement is signed for becoming a Regional Representative.

Benefits for our Regional Representative:

Have direct access to your customer base to improve their experience and support their queries

Marketing and promotion assistance which will include your own set budget

Operations and maintenance support from FowFx Pro Head Office to streamline your customer recruitment processes and enhance your business activities.

It also helps you get an insight into how one of the world's biggest Forex brokers works and succeeds.

Report and monitor the client systems to ensure that you get the required supervision to control and expand your company.

Regional Representatives would usually be compensated by earning commission not only from clients they have referred to but also from all customers that join FowFx Pro from their field.

Become a AlainFX Regional Representative

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